Child Sexual Abuse – Holding Predators Accountable

Sexual assaults on children often go undiscovered and unreported until long after the applicable statute of limitations has expired. Pedophiles and pederasts are masters of manipulation and sometimes the child does not even know that what has happened to them is wrong.

The perpetrators of child sexual abuse try to shroud their sins until it is too late for the parents of the child to take legal action. Perpetrators usually enjoy a position of trust and authority and use their position to hide the evidence of their wrongdoing. Examples of settings within which such abuse takes place:

  • Churches (clergy sexually abusing children in their church)
  • Schools (teachers sexually abusing children in their classes)
  • Sports Teams (coaches sexually abusing children on their teams)
  • Doctors/Hospitals (doctors/nurses sexually abusing children under their care)
  • Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts (scoutmasters/troop Leaders sexually abusing children in their pack/troop)
  • Day Care Centers (child care providers sexually abusing children they care for)
  • Homes (relatives sexually abusing children)

This report describes how one such predator, a pediatrician who sexually abused child patients, abused scores of children before getting caught –

Child sex abuse is disturbingly common. The younger the child the less likely the abuse will be reported. Parents who do discover signs of abuse may feel they lack the power or resources to do anything about it. The perpetrator may be someone the parents knew and trusted. It may be a close relative.

Reporting sex abuse to the police does not always result in justice for your child. Sometimes civil litigation against a sex offender is an additional way to punish and deter the abuser from harming more children and to recover money to pay for the help you and your child need.

Deciding whether to bring a civil claim against the person who sexually abused your child is not easy. Much thought goes into such a decision. Getting counsel from an attorney about your legal options may be a good place to start. If your loved one has suffered at the hands of a sexual predator and you are struggling with what you can do, please call me. A legal claim may provide much needed compensation to pay for medical treatment and counseling for you and your child.

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