IKEA Recalls Children’s Tents Over Potential of Laceration & Puncture Child Injury

Swedish furniture store IKEA recently announced it has recalled a children’s folding tent it sold in August and September of 2011. The steel wire frame of the BUSA children’s folding tent is defective and can break, producing sharp wire ends that can protrude through the tent fabric and injure a child. The wire ends are a laceration and puncture hazard.

IKEA sold about 58,000 of the tents in the United States and Canada during the months of August and September. The brand names IKEA and BUSA and the model number (90192009) are printed on a label sewn into an interior seam in the tent.

According to IKEA, three incidents have occurred with this tent already, one involving an injury.

Here is what the tent looks like –

If you or your child have been injured by this defective toy, please call me to discuss your legal rights.

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