Car Accident – Placental Abruption

Also called abruptio placenta or placenta abruptio, abruption  (breaking away or off) of the placenta can be harmful to the mother and baby and in rare cases even lead to death.

The placenta is a temporary organ that connects the mother and baby in a life-giving embrace. Through it the mother supplies her unborn child with oxygen and food and the baby is able to release carbon dioxide and waste. The placenta is your baby’s life support system until birth.

Normally the placenta stays attached to the inside of the uterus until after baby has been born. The majority of the placenta must stay attached to the uterus or your baby will not receive enough blood, oxygen and nutrition and could die.

Injury to your uterus (commonly a car accident or fall) can cause this emergency condition. If your baby was harmed in this way, you may want to evaluate your legal options.

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