Over 100,000 Motorists Every Day Pass A Stopped School Bus?

According to this, over 100,000 motorists each day pass a stopped school bus:

Really? Are drivers so frantic to get to work (or wherever) that they don’t think it’s worth it to stop for children? How can it be that so many drivers think they can get away with ignoring basic safety rules? It ought not to be.

Another danger for children is getting run over by their own school bus. When safe crossing practices are not strictly enforced young children get hurt and sometimes killed.

I think the larger issues have to do with a culture in love with it’s own speed. Rush to work. Rush back home. Our little ones are the ones most at risk of injury in a world that rushes them all around.

There is no excuse for passing a stopped school bus. And there is no reason why bus drivers and school districts should be excused for failing to follow safe crossing procedures.

Those who endanger our children need be held accountable. They need serious consequences. And that is where I come in – I create consequences for those who hurt children. That’s why the laws are there and that is why I feel privileged to be an injury attorney.

We need to create a culture of safety for our children. There need to be real consequences for those who break the rules of the road and hurt innocent children. We need to use every tool at our disposal to create a safer environment on our roads for the sake of our children.

I love to work for families of injured children – no doubt about it. But what I really want is for drivers and school districts to slow down. Our kids need a safer world, one that is more focused on doing what is best for the least among us.


Attorney Pete Pearson practices law in Atlanta, Georgia and has a special interest in helping families with injured children. He is a father to seven and lives with his wife and children near Atlanta, Georgia. He can be reached directly at Six-Seven-Eight 358-2564 or through his main site, www.petepearsonlaw.com.


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