Law, Love & Injured Kids

This is a photo taken a few weeks ago of Canon, my son. 

Canon Bates Pearson, Age Five

I can not imagine life without Canon. He’s part of me and I love him to pieces. I can not imagine what our family would be without our beautiful little hazel-eyed boy.

Canon’s birth was one of the most frightening experiences of my life. He came early and and he almost did not come at all.

We almost lost him because our little guy’s head was pushing on the umbilical cord and cutting off his oxygen and blood supply. One very scary emergency caesarean section later, we got to greet our little man and mercifully he was no worse for the ordeal.

We are so thankful Canon made it into the world whole and healthy. I’m thankful also for the experience, as hard as it was (most of all for my poor precious bride!). Experiencing his emergency birth was an education for me. How fragile we are! How dependent we are!

Those of us in the legal profession get a lot of negative judgment. Some of it is well-deserved (like all the “lawyer-gone-wild” advertisements that pollute your TV). All that negativity is discouraging some times! But, for what it’s worth, in my opinion the law is a wonderful profession. I love what I do. I feel it is a high privilege to be allowed to do it. Especially when a family entrusts me with caring for the legal needs of an injured loved one. And serving the interests of a child is an extraordinary and high calling, and one I love.

Thank you for reading my little story about Canon and my love for the children in my life!

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